March 18, 2016

Top Five Tips For Shooting At Night

There are a number of reasons why you might need to shoot at night: your location might only be available after hours, gear is cheaper, or you want to shoot scenes that take place after dark. But, night shoots bring a new set of challenges that you need to be prepared for. Here’s our pick of the top five things to think about, so when it comes to your night shoot, so you and your crew aren’t left in the dark.

1. Make sure you’ve told your crew well in advance

The most important thing to do before you start to plan is to make sure your crew knows about the upcoming night shoots. This will allow them to prepare themselves for the different schedule, so that they can work to the best of their abilities. At the very least, you should aim to give your crew a week’s notice before a night shoot.

2. Schedule extra time to set up equipment

However much of an expert you are at setting up equipment during the day, night shoots bring a new set of difficulties, and it can be time consuming to set up. A lack of planning can eat into your shooting time, so don’t leave it until the day before. Make a plan for each day of shooting in advance, and stick to it!

3. Ensure you have enough power

With all the extra lights you’ll be needing, it’s essential that you’ve figured out how you are going to power the equipment. The generator that you use will need to be the right wattage for your equipment and powerful enough to keep everything running.

4. Allow for extra lighting time

Usually, the sun will solve a lot of your lighting issues, but at night, it’s a different story. Make sure your crew has the time they need for setting up lights, and be ready in time for you to shoot on schedule. Allow more time than the normal, in case they have to solve any issues or in case anything goes wrong.

5. Be sure your know everyone’s rates

Shooting at night isn’t something that fits in with everyone’s normal schedule, so they might ask for more pay. You need to know this so you’re able to keep to your budget. Take the time to let everyone know what you have planned and find out how much your crew will cost for your night shoot.

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