April 29, 2016

How to Make Sure You Have a Safe Set when Filming

How to Make Sure You Have a Safe Set when Filming

There is a universal golden rule when shooting any kind of video, TV or film: “safety first.” Being safe and making sure others are safe on set is crucial to making sure you have a good filming experience for your cast and crew. It is also important since ignoring safety concerns could lead to financial or even legal trouble.

When you’ve confirmed your location and you are ready to send out your call sheet, remember to let your cast and crew know what kind of environment you’ll be filming in. So, if you are shooting in the woods and there might be thorns, this would be good for the cast and crew to know so they know what kind of clothing to bring in between shots.

Be sure you have an 1st AD or if you’re a one-man-band, make sure you have eyes on everyone. A film set looks a lot like a construction zone, with all the heavy and metal equipment everywhere. You actors might be interested in what you are doing and might want a closer look, but if they try to do things themselves without supervision, they may damage your equipment, or even worse damage themselves.

Always have a first aid kit or first aid items. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, stuff happens. Having a first aid kit or first aid items in your bag is always a good idea in case someone gets hurt. Even is someone isn’t hurt but has something like a headache, it is good to have some meds on hand too.

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