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A little about Easy Call Sheets:

Easy Call Sheets is the new, easiest way to create and send out call sheets via the web. Instead of filling out PDF templates and emailing them out one-by-one, you can do it all in Easy Call Sheets. Even if you’ve never filled out a call sheet before, you’ll be able to create one with Easy Call Sheets.

Here is our landing page for our website:

And here is our login page to the web app:

Here are some of the features that makes our web app different:

We are based in Los Angeles and we run a commercial production company. So, making this came more out of necessity. Then, once we started using it, we though we would share it with other filmmakers. Since all our workflow is mainly online now-a-days, we looked into other services that allow us to send out call sheets online. The only service we found was called “Studio Binder” but their plans were really expensive. So, we decided to work on making our own. Then, once we started using it ourselves for our productions, we wanted to make it available for other people at one, small price.

With Easy Call Sheets, you get a simple and clean interface that walks you through the steps to create call sheets, even if you’ve never created one before. Also, if you have a company name or you want to brand your call sheet emails, you can go into your profile and put your name or your company name. Then, when your call sheets get emailed out, the sender name will show up as your company name instead of “Easy Call Sheets.”

You are able to choose your clock format, so you’re covered whether you work on a 12hr clock or a 24hr clock.

We offer a 14 day free trial (no credit card or payment info required). This is a full-featured trial so it gives access to all the features. Then, once the trial is up, we save your account and whatever you’re working on and you can choose to signup for the paid membership, which is only $10 a month. You only pay monthly, so you don’t have to worry about having to pay a year upfront or anything. Once you signup for the paid membership, you can pickup right from where you left off during your trial.


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